Hidden Tomatoes Click on the tomato. Your goal is to find all 10 tomatoes in picture. Use the hint for help.
FIND IT CLASSICS ARCADE Finds the differences in these twenty great games of the 80's. Uses the ARROWS KEYS to move and the SPACE KEY to confirm! Good luck! Another game by http://www.video-giochi.org
Murder i Solved (Dynamic Hidden Objects Game) A murder has happened and you are called to solve it. This is by no means a simple hidden objects game; you are given not only objects to find, but also clues to solve. That is ..
Trip to India (Dynamic Hidden Objects) The London Times has decided to conduct a research on various modes of transport and their utilization in India. India's transportation facilities needs further research. Eric ..
Castle Seeker (Dynamic Hidden Objects) Alex works as an archaeologist for Monsieur Museum. He has been tasked to enter the dark castle after hours and find some artifacts so that they can be preserved in a secure ..
Object Assembly (Dynamic Hidden Objects Game) Who says Androids do not have a sense of humor? Well to prove them wrong, a bunch of Androids have hidden your important objects all over the assembly plant. You must now go on a ..
Hidden Numbers - Nebraska Point and click type game - hidden object game
Hidden Candies Is your blood sugar low? Find some candies in this funny game and get hipper!
Pocket Creature Hidden Objects 3 Play this brand new pocket creature hidden objects game. Featuring 2 new pocket creatures to select. And additional gameplay Complete all new 5 levels to beat the game! Play hard ..
American Museum Have you ever tried to find out objects that are hidden somewhere? Well, you must have enjoyed it immensely. Here’s your chance to enjoy once again. This museum has a lot of ..
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